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Pineapple Black Widow MMA is a gym focuses on both stand up and ground game. We offer Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Wrestling, Strength and Conditioning classes. We have both adult and youth programs, contact and non-contact.

Whether your goal is fitness, self-defense or competition, Black Widow MMA has the perfect program for you. Our team of instructors will work with you to develop you to your fullest potential. With our help, you will challenge yourself to be better, both inside and out.

We believe that for a martial art to be effective it must be tested. All Black Widow MMA coaches train as fighters, in their own right. Everything they teach comes from actual fight experience.

With a developing competition team, great coaching staff and a friendly atmosphere, we believe our members are our greatest asset. One of the rare MMA gyms who's senior coach is a female, Black Widow MMA is not just a gym, we are a family. We form friendships during training that can last a lifetime.

With no enrollment fees, cancellation fees, or penalties of any kind, we strive to offer the best in MMA.

Head Coach Bitsy Esparza

Pineapple Her students have won gold metals in a variety of compeitions. She continues her training all over Texas and will be traveling to train and fight in Thailand.

Coach Bitsy Esparza is the head coach and owner of Black Widow MMA. Having trained Muay Thai for over 4 years in Austin, she has been an instructor at Cooper MMA and Guerrilla Muay Thai. Bitsy has trained with Thai legends Saekson Janjira, Kaensak, Jongsanan and Neungsiam. She has also worked with top MMA fights Cris Cybor, Evangelista Cyborg, Valentina and Antonina Schevchenko, Paulo Tocha, Kevin Ross, Gina Carano and many more. Her students have won gold medals in a variety of competitions. She continues her training all over Texas and will be traveling to train and fight in Thailand.

Coach Jorge Castaneda

Pineapple Coach Jorge Castaneda is a Jiu Jitsu Brown belt and avid competitor. Jorge has been an active Jiu Jitsu competitor since he was a white belt. Jorge has competed in the Onnit Invitational, Onnit World Open, International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Federation, IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, Fight to Win Pro, The World Grappling Circuit, the North American Grappling Association, Naturally Fit Games, Europa, American Grappling Federation, Texas Ground Control, Fuji Tournament, Texas Grappling challenge and three-time Submission Hunter Pro competitor, taking home numerous medals, titles and invitations for events. Jorge has also competed in the Inverted Gear Sambo Tournament. Coach Jorge has avidly trained in MMA and will also be jumping into the cage in 2019. He has also trained in Judo, combat Jiu jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, Kung Fu and he has a brown belt in Hawaiian Kempo under John Hackleman. Jorge has also donated his time and skill to numerous self-defense seminars and has hosted several benefits and charitable events in the state.

Earning his brown belt in only 5 years, Jorge has found his true love and passion in Jiu Jitsu. He has been actively teaching since March 2013. Jorge's approach to Jiu Jitsu emulates his own philosophy of using skill, technique and speed to overcome larger and stronger opponents. Affectionately called the Cupcake Savage and the Giant Killer, Jorge has never shied from taking on anyone regardless of size. Jorge has been teaching children and adults and taken them from novice to gold medalists in competitions. Jorge is a sought-after coach for his calm demeanor, effective methods and ability to mold the techniques he teaches to each individual student. There is no ego when coach Jorge teaches, he will often say to his students, "I don't want you to be as good as me, I want each and every one of you to be better than me".

Jorge is well known in the Austin community for his Jiu jitsu prowess, his friendly and inviting demeanor and influence in the Austin open mat scene. Jorge is also the owner, designer and operator for Samurai Swag, the premier Austin based Jiu jitsu apparel line.

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